The Darkroom

Important note for 2019 , Currently there are no darkroom courses being planned or offered. The Darkrooms however are still available for hire, to individuals or groups. The darkroom comfortably accommodates five students, it has four De Vere 504 Enlargers, two of which are fitted with Multi-contrast heads, and a Durst 601 enlarger. Each enlarger has a quality lens ( Nikon or Rodenstock) and is fitted with an electronic timer, and housed in an individual bay, complete with enlarging easel, focus scope and set of multigrade filters. All the De Vere enlargers can take 35mm, 6cm x 6cm and 5in x 4in format negatives. The darkroom is designed for printing up to 20”x 16” Black and White prints, the sink house stainless steel processing trays, with a De Ville print washer situated to one side. For drying resin coated prints there is a Kinderman rotary print drier, which takes prints up to 12” wide, and a Rowi print drier for larger prints up to 20”wide. For Fibre Based papers we have an FC Glazer Drier which can take prints up 24” wide. Processing and drying equipment is also available for 35mm, 6cm x 6cm and 5in x 4 in black and white film.